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19 May 2016 - Giordano Poloni - Shop Magazine

Showing off his architectural skill, Giordano Poloni has created this striking cover for SHOP Magazine's latest Spring / Summer issue, Oslo edition, discovering the city's vibrant art galleries.

19 May 2016 - Nazario Graziano - LINC Magazine

“Think positively, you’ll be happy and more creative”.  Nazario Graziano's latest editorial piece was commissioned by LINC magazine in Italy and shows off his use of collage composition and colour pallet perfectly.

18 May 2016 - Amy Harris - Red Magazine

With intricate origami shapes and a pleasing colour pallet,  Amy Harris has produced this paper cut composition for Red Magazine. With the theme 'secret to a more tranquil life' Amy's 3D set couldn't be more fitting.

11 May 2016 - Marta Orzel - Mountain Landscape

Marta Orzel has recently had her work on display in a solo exhibition called 'Mountain Landscape'. The exhibition took place in Rennes, France and showcased an array of new work from Marta. She created these pieces using a mix of print techniques to produce these beautiful mysterious mountains. 

11 May 2016 - Joe Snow - Slumbo Log

'The Slumbo Log'- the invention all parents dream of! With his character lead designs and subtle humour,  Joe Snow has created this two-tone illustration, oozing with playful details and vintage textures, showcasing Joe’s signature retro style.

10 May 2016 - Adam Howling - New Work

Adam Howling has created two new conceptual treats. The playful pieces are entitled Sunday Roast and Holiday Ailments. His limited colour pallet mixed with his interesting composition make for bold graphic delights

9 May 2016 - Sasha Prood - Your Wallpaper

Sasha Prood has been busy producing these beautiful patterns for Swedish brand, ‘Your Wallpaper’. They are titled Cosmos Bright, Cosmos Dark, and Aurora. Wowing us as always with her use of dreamy watercolour, these wallpapers will be up for sale soon.

4 May 2016 - Crush - NYP Lower Manhattan

Raising awareness for the location of New York-Presbyterian Hospital in lower Manhattan NYC, Crush have created this brilliantly detailed map of the thriving city, commissioned by Seiden Advertising. The map is filled with the city's iconic structures and architecture, can you spot them all?

3 May 2016 - Tim Lane - Happy Hour

Tim Lane's latest edition of 'Happy Hour' is out now! Both written and illustrated by Tim expect to see it filled with his striking Americana style.