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27 Mar 2014 - Amy Harris / You & Your Wedding

If the thought of wedding planning fills you with dread fear not, Amy Harris has created a mix of handcrafted sets to inspire the perfect celebration! Commissioned by You & Your Wedding magazine for their ‘Perfect Way To Party’ feature and photographed by Amy herself these lovely paper characters and distinctly abstract models are brought to life in their bright, pastel coloured settings. With some playful modelled type thrown in for good measure this is definitely where the party’s at! To see the poject in full click here.

24 Mar 2014 - Ben Javens / New Artist

What better way to start the week than with a new AR artist. Join us in wishing Ben Javens a warm Agency Rush welcome! Those of you that know Ben's work will no doubt see the battle between happy and sad in the characters he draws and the situations they find themselves in. Having already racked up an impressive client list including BBDO, The New York Times, TOMS, Warburtons and the Guardian we're very excited to see where his colourful characters will end up next! Click here to see more from Ben's charming portfolio.

21 Mar 2014 - Tom Ashton-Booth / FHM Collections

Making waves this month, quite literally is Tom Ashton-Booth with his latest set of props and paper-crafted designs for FHM. His palm tree constructions teamed with shark infested waters and Hawaiian beach bar set the perfect scene to showcase this season’s latest trends in the current issue of the  magazine’s ‘Collections’ guide. To see more from Tom’s growing body of work click here.

11 Mar 2014 - Crush / Delta Sky

Enough to tickle our taste buds Crush’s culinary maps created for Delta Sky Magazine offer an essential eating guide to some of Asia’s most flavourful regions. Highlighting delicacies from South Korea, China and Japan from Michelin starred eateries to alleyway restaurants this latest, tasty editorial project from the Crush team certainly has us yearning for a trip to the East. To see more from Crush’s AR portfolio click here.