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24 Jun 2013 - Smith Journal

When you combine the contemporary craftsmanship of Australian editorial ‘The Smith Journal’ with the charming style of ‘A Little Island’ you feel like something special is on the cards, and you wouldn't be wrong. Producing illustrations for Volume 07 of this bespoke modern magazine, ‘A Little Island’ set to work and produced some characteristically enigmatic illustrations.

Coupling these astute compositions with the fascinating articles within, we are pleased and proud to have been part of such a beautiful project. More from ‘A Little Island’ is just a click away.

14 Jun 2013 - Brave the Woods - New Artist

Hailing from America’s Great Northwest and now a resident of Boston, we are pleased as punch to introduce Brave the Woods as the latest Agency Rush artist. With a bold yet playful creative style, Brad (the name behind the name) has a strong design background that informs his illustrative work and provides a vibrant yet informative structure to this dynamic portfolio.

Having honed his skills with a broad range of advertising, editorial and digitally based clients, the man from ‘the woods’ has been casting inspirational waves ever since. With a creative ethos that includes adventure, curiosity and passion, we love the mantra behind the work and welcome Brad to the Agency Rush family.
View his online portfolio here.