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29 Jun 2012 - Glug Brighton

Wow, what an amazing Glug Brighton we had (see pics here! ) Thanks to inspiring speakers Al Murphy, Elena Corchero from Lost Values and Luke Taylor and Chris Barrett from Us.  Fantastic live art by Charles Williams and Best P. Thongsuk, with a great interactive portrait-booth from 'Mein' and Al Murphy's super fun ice cream van. Not to forget the wonderful pop up shop put on by Generation Press and great animations from Ruffmercy.  Phew!! We hope those who came had a good a time as we did.  If you came you would have also seen a sneak preview of the Agency Rush print shop, with exclusive prints from each of our AR artists.

Last but not least, we just had to show you this homegrown video created by our very own Al Murphy. Not only did he have us in stitches with his talk but he played out on 'Careless Piss Up', his alternative to that song by George Michael featuring vocals by the one and only….enjoy.

Over and out until the next Glug Brighton, see you in the Autumn!

28 Jun 2012 - Al Murphy / No Offence

If you haven't already, head down to ink_d Gallery in Brighton for the final day of

Al Murphy's brilliant new show 'No Offence'. Over the past few weeks the gallery has been taken over with a fantastic selection of new work from Al - well known for illustration that can have you crying with laughter and gasping out loud all at the same time.

"I set myself a challenge with 'No Offence' - to come up with a series of images that couldn't possibly cause offence to anyone. Even if this involved using subject matter of the things I detest most of all, like Jeremy Clarkson or kittens, I would attempt to create an entirely new body of work without a profanity or knob gag in sight. It's been a rare old challenge but I think I've cracked it."

With original drawings, tasty tote bags, funky prints and daft stickers - there is something for everyone, so if you fancy tickling your funny bone check it all out online here!

22 Jun 2012 - We Are Live!

In case you noticed something's a little bit different... welcome to our brand spanking new website!

All the usual features are the same, the lightbox, the portfolios, but bigger, bolder and better.  And... drum roll please, we're very happy to announce the launch of our AR shop.  Click here to check out a selection of handpicked exclusive prints by our roster of AR artists.  Enjoy!

20 Jun 2012 - Kate Jenkins / Jenny Q, Stitched Up!

To mark the first in a series, 'Jenny Q, Stitched Up!'  penned by Pauline McLynn from Shameless and Father Ted (aka. the infamous Mrs. Doyle), Puffin commissioned Kate Jenkins for her talent with all things woollen.  Check out the cover in bookstores now, never before has Kate crocheted pet dogs, glittery microphones and underpants…  More from Kate here.

20 Jun 2012 - Clara Terne / Psychologies Magazine

Clara Terne recently created 6 illustrations for Psychologies magazine's 'Live in the Moment' feature on mindfulness and wellbeing.   Encouraging readers to live and enjoy every aspect of their life now instead of dwelling on the past,  or planning too much for the future, Clara's illustrations compliment such ideas perfectly. See more from Clara's portfolio here.

20 Jun 2012 - New Artist / Daria Rychkova

A huge welcome to Moscow born Daria Rychkova, the latest addition to the Agency Rush roster!  It was Moscow's sheer size, a city as large as some European countries, that spurred Daria on with it's fast pace, to experiment with different styles and influences leading her to discovering her unique style of fine line-drawings. Accented with watercolours and natural structures, well defined compositions and calligraphic typography, there's always the added touch of her Russian love for absurdity and surrealism!  With numerous exhibitions and editorial commissions under her belt at home and across Europe, we couldn't be more thrilled to have her on board. See Daria's portfolio here.

7 Jun 2012 - Glug Brighton

Get ready for another Glug Brighton this month on Friday 22nd June.  We are delighted to be back in the fantastic Create photographic studios for our 8th Glug which we're hosting with Crush. It's set to be  cracking night with talks from; our very own Al Murphy, Us (Luke Taylor and Christopher Barrett) and Elena Corcher of Lost Values. Plus there'll be some live art and installations as well as a pop up shop of Agency Rush prints to coincide with the launch of our shiny new website. Huge thanks to our sponsors Mayo Wynne Baxter and contributions from BAV and Exhibit Printing.


Tickets are now on sale so click here and come and join us!