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18 Jul 2016 - Marta Orzel - Savanna

Marta Orzel's latest book project 'The Animals of the Savanna', published by Gallimard Jeunesse is jam packed full of over 50 illustrated species. Through the book there are hidden creatures for children to engage with a find. The range of textures and layering helps give children a sense of these diverse habitats.

15 Jul 2016 - Glug

A huge thank you to all that came down on Friday night to Patterns for our 18th Glug. We hope you had as much fun as we did! 

We have uploaded photos from the night by the brilliant Jean Luc-Brouard so head over to the main page to see if you can spot yourself -

We also had the team from East Studio filming the event for us, so watch this space as we will be releasing a short film from those guys soon!

Until next time….

12 Jul 2016 - Giordano Poloni - Squared Sun

Giordano Poloni has created this beautiful piece for an exhibition in collaboration with Sottopalco studio. The exhibition was filled with various interpretations of the novel 'The Library of Babel'. Giordano's piece really shows off his sense of perspective mixed with vibrant colour pallet.

6 Jul 2016 - Helena Frank - Architecture

Showing us a different side to her portfolio Helena Frank has produced these new pieces for her latest print collection entitled ‘Architecture’. The series shows off her incredible attention to detail using her pencil style.

6 Jul 2016 - Nadia Taylor - Mural

Nadia Taylor was commissioned by 22 Street Lane Nursery to create this charming mural to coincide with the rebrand, headed up by our friends at Elmwood. As well as the mural Nadia's playful wildlife characters are placed around the nursery on the classroom doors and walls.

4 Jul 2016 - Ben Javens - Lunch Lady Magazine

Ben Javens has been illustrating some of our most loved children’s nursery rhymes for Lunch Lady magazine. Ben's playful characters and colour pallet bring the well known stories to life for both parents and children to enjoy.

4 Jul 2016 - Virginie Garnier - Album Art

Virginie Garnier has produced this incredibly detailed piece for French band The Dø's album cover. Virginie's pencil work leaves us with no questions as to why she's the Queen of portraits.

1 Jul 2016 - Rosie Scott - New Artist

We are thrilled to announced that we have a fantastic new addition to our roster, Rosie Scott. Rosie works with a layered range of mixed media which fills her work with character. With an impressive client list including The Guardian, Penguin, The New York Times and Bloomsbury we can’t wait to see what's in store for her.