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13 Jan 2019 - Nazario Graziano - The Hollywood Reporter

Nazario Graziano's iconic digital collages found him back again in the pages
of the Hollywood Reporter. Nazario's unique visual language came into its own for
this brief about the future for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney's future in India.
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3 Jan 2019 - Giordano Poloni - Quartz

This  sequence of illustrations by Giordano Poloni was commissioned for a piece in Quartz magazine. Giordano's work often takes inspiration from graphic novels, which translates perfectly into this project. Take a sneak peek at the lovely illustrations
of a day-in-the room, in one of New York's luxurious Radisson hotels.
'Check out' more of Giordano's work here.

1 Jan 2019 - Philip Harris - Superdrug

Our friends at Superdrug had a lovely commision for Philip Harris, which saw him illustrating their latest 'We Heart' range. We knew Philip would scrub up well, but we're absolutely nutty about these botanical illustrations.
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