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22 Jan 2016 - Adam Howling / New Artist

We’re very excited to share Adam Howling’s stunning portfolio with you and welcome him to the AR roster! Adam’s ‘mid-century modern’ inspired illustrations, combining playfulness, conceptual ideas, and a limited colour palette, have appeared internationally in newspapers, magazines, books and billboards for clients including The BBC, The Guardian, The Times, and Penguin Books. So far his portfolio has generated a lot of interest and we can’t wait to see what the year holds for him. To see more of Adam’s work click here.

7 Jan 2016 - Philip Harris / New Projects

 Ding, ding, round one! Philip Harris’ latest cover image for Germanwings inflight magazine is sure to pack a punch. Focussing on Germany’s funfair boxers of late Philip has used his bold black ink line, this time adding colour to his illustration. Continuing with his dip pen and ink style, Philip was also commissioned to create a label design for a limited edition beer, brewed by New Scientist magazine to coincide with their Christmas Special Issue. We’ll drink to that! To see more from his portfolio click here.