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14 Feb 2019 - Doodle Gardener

Billie Jean - operating under his real name Sam Piyasena - is the co-author and illustrator of the Doodle Gardener. Billie Jean is our OG doodler, his timeless skills, and passion for the pen continue to grow year after year.

Take the thyme to check Billie Jean's work out here..... ahem.

14 Feb 2019 - IKEA

Who doesn't love a trip to IKEA? Giordano Poloni's lent his slick style to these cool maps. This light and airy work feels at home with the 'Milano' aesthetic.

Check out more of Giordano's work here.

14 Feb 2019 - The Star Spun Web

There are no flies on Sara Mulvanny's recent cover for Sinead O'Hart's latest novel, The Star Spun Web. Her gentle yet enchanting style wins us over again with this recent book jacket. 

Get caught up in her work here.