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17 Feb 2016 - Sarah Arnett / Myself Magazine

Showing us the benefits of organic beauty products, Sarah Arnett has filled the pages of Myself magazine with exotic plant life, built with layers and layers of leafy illustrations. Wrapping her designs around existing luxury products for the same feature, Sarah has highlighted key ingredients using her decorative and lush imagery. These illustrations start out life has hand-drawn pieces which Sarah then treats digitally, inspired by her love of everything flora and fauna. To see more from her portfolio click here.

3 Feb 2016 - Sean Sims / New Artist

We have a wonderful artist addition this month, please welcome Sean Sims! We’re oh-so pleased to show you more from this talented chap. Bursting with colour and charming characters his illustration are a unique retro-twist that reflect his love of mid-twentieth century design. He’s already worked with a varied list of clients, including The BBC, Waitrose, Thompson Airlines, Fisher-Price & The Guardian and we know there’s more where they came from so watch this space! To see his portfolio in full click here.