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31 Aug 2018 - Sarah Arnett - Thank You

At 52 foot long, eight foot high, Sarah Arnett's installation launched the Royal British Legion's "Thank You" campaign from London's Southbank. It gathered massive coverage from the media as the Public were invited to write their own personal messages of gratitude for the service, sacrifice and contribution to all Commonwealth nations. From London, it toured the United Kingdom, throughout August, calling the nation to join in with the resonating "Thank You" as we run up to the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One.
Sarah's work is invariably delicate, yet bold, but always stunning, check more out here.

27 Aug 2018 - Peter James Field - David Attenborough

Step into the wild with Peter James Field's exciting new project, that's kept him busy sketching creatures, great and small, in the name of the unchallenged king of the animal kingdom: David Attenborough. In David's words "I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored", a sentiment shared by us all.

Peter's becoming a bit of national treasure himself, be sure to check out more of his diverse work here.

15 Aug 2018 - Crush - Comedy Central

Sunbathing toast? Unicycle riding antelopes? Coffee cups with a taste for doughnuts? It must be business as usual at Crush Towers! For the second summer in a row, Crush were invited by Comedy Central to create some ‘Weird World Idents’ and it's safe to say the team delivered yet again, and we LOVE it!
Check more of their eclectic work out here.

9 Aug 2018 - Philip Harris - TAXline

Who knew tax could be so invigorating? Our very own Philip Harris apparently! With an impressive amount of energy and fire, Philip's exciting work with TAXline brings life to HMRC guidelines, but it's no surprise he came up trumps.
Check out more of Philips striking work here.

6 Aug 2018 - Chris Andrews - Auntie Poldi

The second novel that Chris Andrews has illustrated for the Auntie Poldi series; "The Vineyards of Etna's" designs are as lethal as prosecco on a warm summer evening. A woman who is no stranger to mixing wine with murder, Aunti Poldi is easily our favourite (and most relatable!) prosecco loving detective. We can't wait to get our hands on a copy when it is published early next year.
Check out more of Chris' dangerously good work here.

1 Aug 2018 - Eglé Kazdaiyte - Absolut

We're Absolut-ly mad about Eglé Kazdaiyte's work. Epitomising summer, with a loud palette and silky smooth design, Eglé's work always packs a punch, but this submussion to Absolut. is particularly 'cheeky'.
Check out more of Eglé's captivating work here.