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26 Aug 2015 - Asako Masunouchi / New Work

This month Asako Masunouchi has been busy working on new projects to add to her charming portfolio. A mix of illustrations used for educational cards, playful icons for greetings cards and imagery pulled from her solo exhibition earlier this summer. We’re also very pleased to share with you these new bags and pencil cases, adorned with Asako’s beautiful work, produced by our friends at Blue Q. You can view all products by clicking here. Head over to Asako's online portfolio to see more updates.

24 Aug 2015 - Sarah Arnett / African Sewing Club

This month Sarah Arnett travelled to Rwanda to help set up a social enterprise called African Sewing Club. This project stemmed from a charity called rYico (Rwandan Youth Organisation) with the aim to set up a design and manufacturing unit specifically to train and help women from abusive backgrounds so they can support themselves and their children. This was Sarah’s first visit to the beautiful country and she got stuck in straight away, sharing her skills and industry experience within the textile and clothing sector, helping to give women the skills that a growing industry needs. Sarah documented her trip on the AR Instagram account in a week long takeover. Click here to see more.

13 Aug 2015 - Crush / Lonely Planet

We’re very pleased to have worked with our friends over at Lonely Planet again on their latest book ‘Best Ever Video Tips’. Crush have created over 50 playful illustrations exploring handy hints from film industry insiders and social media experts on how to shoot and share better travel videos and of course, with Crush on board there’s sure to be some laughs along the way. To see more from their diverse portfolio click here.

12 Aug 2015 - Al Murphy / The Roger Collective

Al Murphy’s portfolio is brimming with entertaining characters and these latest additions will certainly offer a giggle or two. Al was invited to illustrate for the latest issue of Virgin staff magazine, The Roger Collective for their article ‘Wellbeing the Virgin way’, looking at ways to stay happy and healthy at work. Life at the office is definitely on the up! To see more from Al’s portfolio click here.