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21 Apr 2016 - Helena Frank - New Work

We just love this illustration Helena Frank has produced of herself in her studio. It really shows off her use of scale and colour detailing. You may also notice some familiar work from her portfolio making a subtle appearance. To have a closer look at Helena's work, click here.

12 Apr 2016 - Sasha Prood - Brunswick Review

Sasha Prood has produced this piece for the Burnswick Review. The bamboo type was used for the headline title where she has taken inspiration from the article's subject matter, 'Sustainability: The View From the Chinese Boardroom'. To see Sasha’s full portfolio click here.

11 Apr 2016 - Nazario Graziano Arrives at AR

We are really excited to announce Nazario Graziano has joined Agency Rush! With a vibrant colour pallet accompanied by collage, his work takes strong influence from times past to create a dream like quality. He has worked with a variety of international clients such as, Toyota, MTV, The Sunday Times and GQ. We can't wait to see what's next for him. Click here to go to his full portfolio.

5 Apr 2016 - Margaux Carpentier - London Zoo Mural

Exploding with colour and joy, Margaux Carpentier's mural for London Zoo is proving a hit with the visitors. The mural was made for the zoo's new 'Land of the Lions' area which was opened by The Queen. As well as the mural, Margaux has painted various other bold and beautiful animals around the site, including a fantastic peacock and striking detailing onto a tuk tuk for visitors to interact with. To see Margaux's full portfolio click here.

4 Apr 2016 - Crush - FC Barcelona

Crush have brought to life the playful side of FC Barcelona giving fans a unique and exciting way to interact with the team. Proud FCB sponsors Beko, commissioned Crush for the Official Partners of Play campaign. The set of animations are running across digital and social media channels with upwards of 6 million views! The style of animation captures the team's enjoyment of playing on and off the pitch. Head over to Crush's full portfolio by clicking here.

1 Apr 2016 - Sean Sims - Brighton Line

Sean Sims has made a few timely updates to his Brighton Line map. Taking inspiration from the iconic London tube map, Sean has reinterpreted this for the Brighton Festival. The map gives people an insight into some of the unknown areas of our home town and the subtle detailing shows off Sean's sense of humour. To see more of Sean's work click here.